Cloud Security Workshop on June 1st

Cloud Security Workshop on June 1st


On Wednesday the 1st of June, Software Business Lab team members participated in a Cloud Security Workshop organized by Yulia Guseva, Kari Hiekkanen and Akatsuki Ryu. The aim of the workshop was to educate our team members further about the security risks that cloud business creates and how to avoid attacks.

Kari Hiekkanen, from the department of Computer Science, gave us an overview about cloud security and holistic, end-to-end security protection. We talked about the various different reasons you might be targeted for an attack, what the security issues are on different levels (device, router, internet, cloud), and how to respond to attacks. We also got a couple of impressive demos by Akatsuki Ryu, who showed us how easily, for example, stealing user credentials via DNS spoofing can happen.

The team found the workshop informative and useful, and a lot of conversation arose. Similar workshops organized by SBL are available at EIT Digital.



Photos: Akatsuki Ryu