A!Ole Tools to Boost Your Video Production

A!Ole Tools to Boost Your Video Production


On the 6th of October A!Ole had a workshop on Tools to Boost Your Video Production moderated by SBL’s Yulia Guseva and Akatsuki Ryu. Here we share some insights of what we learnt in the workshop.

When you start shooting videos on camera, you come to realize that it is actually hard to say what you want to say without screwing up and stumbling over your words. Moreover, it’s not an easy task to present the information in a compact way and straight to the core without memorizing the script.

In traditional lectures you can ponder a bit, be carried away by your thoughts and it is totally fine. But shooting online videos, actually, puts a bit more pressure on the shoulders of the presenter.

Often, your first attempts to record the videos are not very rewarding. Most of us have been there before and know how frustrating it can be sometimes.

In this workshop we discovered that a teleprompter – a tool that a TV news person uses to read the news – is a very practical solution to facilitate your video production. And surprisingly easy to make! All you need is a box, a piece of glass and an iPad with a teleprompter app installed.

And that’s all? Yes! This is how it works:

  1. Copy paste your script in the app
  2. Put the iPad in the box
  3. Have the lid of the box at around 60 degrees so that the text will be reflected to the glass.
  4. Place the camera behind so that your eyes will be looking at the camera while you reading a scrolling text.

Et voilà, you are ready to present on camera!

So how to make it?

  1. Cut a hole for a piece of glass in the lid of the box. In the workshop we used a box from a laptop. You can also take a box from an ipad or any other box similar in size.
  2. Tape the glass to the lid.
  3. Place the iPad in the bottom part of the box.

It didn’t take long till workshop participants took initiative in their hands and started building a teleprompter themselves. Ten minutes later it was created! Also, people got a chance to read the script with a teleprompter to get a feel of it and they were positively surprised that this tool can really bring the production to a new level and enhance the quality of the videos.

And to conclude this post, we would like to emphasize that a script that will be presented on camera is very different from a written text. Make sure that it sounds natural, the language is spoken and avoid using complicated sentence structures.